Davis Coaches

Saturday 11 May 2013 - 10.00AM Viewing Friday 10, 9AM - Friday 10, 4PM

Hilltop Garage, Cuckoo Row, Minchinhampton, Stroud, Gloucester, GL6 9HA

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Please contact Charlie Foyle, Graham Johnson or Debbie Ormerod for further details.

01630 674326 or Fax 01630 674356, auctions@malcolmharrison.co.uk

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"Davis Coaches, a Father & two Son's family run business providing a high quality service of all types since 1979.

We are very proud of our fleets of coaches, operated and maintained to a very high standard.

Firstly, we thought it would be nice to give you a brief history of us. In the early days when we were building up the business, we operated the light weights, Bedfords, Fords and the odd Seddon or two... plus a couple of Leopards.

In 1983 we purchased our first new DAF on a Plaxton paramount, which served us well. In 1989, we purchased our first new Volvo B10M with the GLE chassis and Vanhool Alizee body, a fabulous vehicle that is still with us today.

As time went on and rather than keeping our parts stock of all different types, a decision was made to run coaches of one make and we opted for the Volvo B10Ms and they have been excellent, especially when married up with Vanhool bodies.

But after 34 years and following the very sad death of one of the sons, the family have decided to sell up and move on to ventures new...

These coaches are good honest vehicles in very good condition and I am sure that anyone buying one will be pleased with their purchase.

It is a sad day that is has come to an end but it time to move on."

Thank you for your interest...

Davis Coaches