Below are answers to questions we’re often asked but contact the office should you need any further information.

What do I do if I’m thinking of having an onsite auction at my premises?

Please contact our head office on 01630 674326 where your telephone call will be treated with the strictest of confidence.

How do you market your sales?

All sales are marketed internationally and nationally, both online and print media. Our extensive international & national buyer database also receive specific email shots and or posted auction invites, along with text auction information & updates. All auctions are highlighted on our social media - Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook with videos on our You Tube Channel. All auctions have a dedicated auction page on our website, with all equipment listed. 

How can I enter an item into your auction?

Contact Charlie, Graham or Debbie on 01630 674326 if you would like to have a discussion before entering items or you can fill out our online entry form. Click the below:


REMEMBER the more information you give us the more interest it will attract from buyers, such as

For Plant
Full model details including year, serial numbers, hours and optional extras

For Wagons
Full model/body details including year & registration, odometer, gearbox and optional extras 

AND email pictures if possible.

Onsite auction vendors can dictate that 3rd party entries are not allowed. In that event we would inform you at the point of contact and give you other options for your equipment. 

Will you give advice on values and do you charge for this service?

We are happy to advise on values and do not charge for this service

When can entries be delivered to the auction site?

For all auction locations except Prees, our auction team is onsite from the Monday prior to the auction to accept your equipment. Should this be a problem, contact us so that a solution can be found. 

Prees is our own location and can accept entries at any time through normal working hours, or out of hours by prior and special arrangement.

How can you ensure that my possessions will not be sold at prices lower than my expectations?

Guide prices may be allowed on certain items of equipment which may be subject to a financial interest.

What are your charges?

Charges are subject to negotiation for individuals or parcels of equipment, please call our office where we will assist and advise you.

What do I need to do with the vehicle / plant documents?

Documents need to be handed into the office prior to the auction, either delivered with the vehicle or posted to our office. It must be declared if documents are not available. Items will be sold with no documents if we are not in possession of them. 

When do my entries need to be onsite?

We advise that items are onsite as early as possible and no later than 3 days prior to the auction start date – this will enable us to market your equipment to its full potential.

Is my property secure at your auction site, should I cancel my insurance?

While we or the onsite auction vendor will have site security and do all we can to protect your equipment, it does remain your responsibility. It is recommended that your keep items insured until sold and paid for.