Due to Relocation and Reorganisation

Please note that the auction will start with Lot 1 at 10am

The Auctioneer will offer Lot 998 onwords at 1.30pm prompt

Any lots not offered prior to this will be offered after Lot 1294

Saturday 28 September 2013 - 10.00AM Viewing Friday 27, 9AM - Friday 27, 4PM

Field House, Keele Road, Newcastle, Staffordshire, ST5 5AA

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Order of Sale

   10am prompt From Lot 1 - Engines, Gearboxes, Axles / Drivelines, Bedford Parts, Tyres, Rims, Prop Shafts, Springs, Transfer Boxes, Pumps, Tanks, Jacks, Cabs, Chassis etc etc

From 1.30pm Lots 998 to 1294:  Trucks / Trailers / MOD Equipment / Cabs, Chassis Components, Bodies & Flat Racks / Big Hook Bodies, Plant & Agricultural Equipment 

  Please contact Charlie Foyle, Graham Johnson or Debbie Ormerod for further details.

01630 674326 or Fax 01630 674356, auctions@malcolmharrison.co.uk

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