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Monday 14th - Friday 25th October 2013

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Monday 28th October 2013 @ 11am

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Monday 28 October 2013 - 11.00AM Viewing Monday 14, 9AM - Friday 25, 12PM

Armstrong Road, Daneshill Industrial Estate, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8NU

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Combined 750kw per hour Power Plant & Heat System
In service December 2011
Operated from Dec 11 to Jan 12 and Jan 13 to May 13 - Total 6 Months

Plant can be sold as a going concern on site or can be dismantled and moved.

Total cost of complete Plant when new - £2.4million plus installation

Uniconfort Global 500 Boiler, designed to burn treated or untreated waste wood excluding tannalised wood. The Boiler is designed to be fully WID (Waste incineration directive) compliant and use up to 12,000 tonnes per annum of chipped wood from sizes 50mm up to 120mm. It burns at a rate of 1.5 tonnes per hour, but has operated in excess of that this year.

There is a separate Urea Injection System that assists in removing the NOX from the smokes within the Boiler. The fuel acceptance from Storage Bunker to Boiler is automated via infared sensors and comprises 1 main Operation Panel c/w various safety features. Connections are in place for the Heat take off but have not been utilized at present.

Filtration via Glosfume Filtration System, comprising 4 x Filtration Pods with Ceramic Elements to capture particulate matter. Glosfume are leading filtration experts and Bushlight winners for 2012/2013.

Electricity is generated via 6 GEC Organic Rankine Cycle machines and backed by GE. Each capable of producing a net of 125kw per hour, the units produce 135kw per hour but self-power when operational. Each unit contains R245FA Refrigerant, which expands and contracts, with biomass process not using high pressure steam. Each ORC is separate so each unit can be serviced without the need for the plant to cease operation. Additionally each ORC can be run up as the water temperature from the boiler increases thus giving the operator better control.

ORC Operating Hours -

  • 800 
  • 1283      
  • 1284      
  • 1573      
  • 547        
  • 88 

Total Processes Cooling Towers cool refrigerant. Cooling Towers are used to dissipate the heat from warmed cold water cycle. Howlett Associates Water Treatment System installed for the control of legionella.

There are various ancillary components i.e. Control Panels, ID Fans, Transformer, Compressor and all Ancillary Pipe Work and Ducting to connect the various main components.

The plant is designed to run on a 24hr basis 7 days a week with periodic shutdowns for maintenance and servicing.

Viewing by appointment only

Please contact Charlie Foyle for further details.

01630 674326 or Fax 01630 674356,